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Want to draw like an Old Master? Check out these books in the great tradition.


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Free Easy Ways to Practice Your Art


Keep it up and try these:

  • Draw your own hand every day -- feet too
  • Copy the drawings in George Bridgman's books
  • Sketch with a pen if you like pencil or charcoal, or vice versa
  • Use sculpture photos as your model
  • Set up a still life
  • Copy a drawing or painting you love
  • Go to the museum
  • Get outside (or to the mall) and draw people unobtrusively
  • Draw big if you're used to drawing on a small scale, or the other way around
  • Employ the household pets as life drawing models
  • Draw your portrait, they try again so you look younger, then older; frowning, then smiling
  • Crumple up some paper, linens, or clothes and draw the folds
  • Celebrate Halloween year-round; keep plastic skeletons and skulls around to sketch from
  • Play with toys; get one of those manikins and draw
  • Go outside and sketch the landscape
  • Done for the day? Check your figure drawing against Top Ten Figure Drawing Mistakes ... and How to Fix Them and Drawing the Head and Face 101: Basic Tips. Bookmark and Share




What do peanuts have to do with drawing? Check out


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